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It’s their personal MISSION to help golfers around the globe of all walks, play the best golf of their lives. They believe in breaking through the barriers of what’s possible with anyones golf game. Their aim is to deliver simple, yet powerful instruction & advice, so YOU can Take Charge of your game, find what REALLY works, and be the best you can possibly be.

Their coaching plans will improve your game, guaranteed. They are built to upgrade your skillset from beginner to an advanced level. Whether you want to break 100, 90, 80, fix your slice, lower your scores or work on your fitness, Me & My Golf's coaching plans consist of 4/6 videos that will give you a tried and tested routine to progress.

Me and My Golf guarantees that their coaching plans can help you play better golf, they are built to upgrade your skillset from beginner to advanced level.

Whether it’s ‘How to Play’ through to Secrets to Lower Scores, Me and My Golf has 14 coaching plans varying in length that will help you progress on your golfing journey.

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How to Play – The Basics

This is a 4 week course, focusing on absolute beginners. Topics covered include, how to hold the club, creating correct stand and posture through to learning what it takes to produce a consistent strike.

How to Play – The Long Game

4 week course, aimed at beginners but great insight for all levels too. Focuses on fixing off target shots, becoming more consistent with your long game and find a consistency in your set up to enable great progress.

Break 100

6 week plan, aimed at those who want to break 100! Focuses on correct set up for driver and irons, fixing common short game issues. It also covers how to manage awkward lies on the course.

Break 90

6 week plan, aimed at those who want to break 90! It covers fixing ball flight issues, striking the ball pure and how to consistently find the middle of the face to hit longer and straighter drives.

Break 80

6 week plan, aimed at more advanced players with those aiming to break 80! Areas covered include, creating great balance for a consistent swing, straightening ball flights and optimising launch and spin for longer drives.

Secrets to Lower Scores

5 week plan for intermediate players. Focuses on how to lower scores by better decision making and strategy. Also includes areas on how to control your mind and calm your nerves.

Slice to Draw

4 week plan for all levels. Main focus being stopping the dreaded slice that destroys so many golfers games. Areas covered include mastering the set up and fixing common backswing faults that lead to slicing the golf ball.

Flexible in 15

7 week plan for all golfers. Learn the important body parts to stretch for golf, understand your strengths and limitations and getting your mind and body ready for the course.

Ultimate Irons

8 week plan, for all levels of golfers. This plan is aimed at turning you into an iron master, with areas focused on being how to strike the ball correctly, how to dominate par 3s and approach shots as well as how to play well from fairway bunkers.

Complete Chipping

5 week plan for all levels. Covering the basic chipping set up, techniques and fixing faults which cause the main issues of poor contact and consistency.

Complete Putting

4 week plan for all levels. You’ll learn how to read greens better than ever, how to tighten up and calibrate your putting stroke for more consistency and how to aim correctly. This plan is perfect if you’ve bought a PuttOUT product!

Golf at Home

5 Week plan for all levels. Covering how to identify your swing faults at home. It also provides indoor putting drills and drills to build consistency and power in your swing. A great lockdown plan for those in desperate need of a golf fix whilst the courses are closed!

Winter Golf Plan

6 week plan for all levels. Areas covered include how to rip your irons, creating more distance without sacrificing accuracy and game changing indoor drills to practise at home.

Home Swing Guide

5 week plan for all levels. It covers golf swing setup, key factors to create a consistent swing and fixing common issues that stop you from reaching your potential. Another great plan to work at during the UK lockdown!

Terms & Conditions

  1. If you purchase a Coaching Plan, you will have access to selected Content for the selected period, which will be delivered over a set period of time. For example, if you select the 4 week coaching plan, you will have access to the 4 week coaching plan videos for the full 4 weeks.
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