New to golf or just want to brush up on the basics of driving? We’ve partnered with Me & My Golf to bring you our - 'Long Game Basics' coaching plan!

How to Play Golf - The Long game is their 2nd Coaching Plan in the How to Play Series, which is ideal for beginners and people looking to re-visit the basics. You will continue your coaching on how to develop a consistent powerful swing whilst now learning how to hit the driver, fairway metals and the hybrids. Each week is broken down into easy to follow steps to get you ready for the golf course.                                                                  

This week the lads will show you how to straighten your ball flight, check your swing, teach you the different ways to grip and the concept of the Driver. This is Week 1 of our 'How to play Golf: The Long Game' Coaching plan, where you can get ready for the course by building your skills and knowledge of the longer clubs in your bag.

Check out the series plan below! Keep an eye out next week on our channels for the next episode...


Week 2: Finding the sweet spot

Week 3: Creating power & distance

Week 4: Keep the flow

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