We are now slap-bang in the middle of the golfing season and what does that coincide perfectly with? Father’s Day.

You may have a golf-mad dad, who is always down at his local club, keen to play every day and desperate not to miss out on the social at the 19th hole afterwards! Your dad may finally be ready to take up golf after threatening to do it for years and needs a nudge in the right direction. Or he could be somewhere in between. Whatever the scenario, here at AMERICAN GOLF, we want to help.

We have come up with a wide-range of products to suit all budgets and to cater for different scenarios. But we are pretty confident that if your dad is as keen about his golf as we are, then any of these gifts will be warmly received on the third Sunday in June.

Best golf Gifts for Fathers Day

Under Armour Men's T2G Printed Golf Polo Shirt (£44.99):

Now we all know that it’s important to look good on the golf course. But sometimes all of our dads need a push in the right direction in the fashion stakes!

That is where this Under Armour Polo Shirt comes in. It comes in two very stylish colours – either a tiny white and blue check pattern with a blue collar, or a tiny black and white check with a black collar, and both finished off with the Under Armour logo. Both shirts are also available in sizes from small to XXL.

This polo shirt will work well with either shorts or a pair of golf trousers, while it would look good enough to wear out and about away from the course.

Adidas Men's Jacquard Golf Polo Shirt (£44.99):

Now perhaps you feel that your dad needs a bold dash to improve his golfing wardrobe. If so, this Adidas Jacquard polo shirt fits the bill. The famous three Adidas stripes provide the sporting element with which Dad can feel comfortable, while the intricate design brings the fashion to the course.

This is available in two highly colourful patterns with a paint-splotch all-over print design – a fusion of light blue with splashes of navy for one or a fusion of coral (light orange) with speckles of grey across the pattern to complete the look for the other. Again available from small up to XXL sizes, this polo shirt certainly stands out from most of the plain coloured golf polo shirts available on the market.

Callaway Golf Warbird 2.0 12 Golf Ball Pack (£17.99):

No golfer will ever turn their nose up at a pack of golf balls. They will always get used - and get lost - at some point and any golfer always wants to have a good supply of balls at home or in their golf bag.

For those of you who are not as familiar with golf as your dads, Jon Rahm, the Spanish golfer who recently won the US Masters at Augusta – the first big men’s event of the season – uses Callaway golf balls, so your dad would be in good company with this product! And if you really want to impress him, then you can say that these Callaway Warbird balls have been specially designed to help the ball fly further in the air, and trust me, your dad won’t mind hearing that!

Srixon AD333 12 Golf Ball Pack (£22.99):

Again, another box of a dozen golf balls, which will always be well received. If looking for a small gift or unsure of whether to make a bigger purchase, golf balls are a very safe bet. In fact, we can’t play golf without them!

These golf balls would have been perfect for my own father when he played golf, too, as they also come in yellow which my dad preferred due to deteriorating eyesight as these are specifically designed to stand out visually. If you know that your dad has a preference for yellow balls, these would be an excellent gift.

They have proved very popular with customers who have already purchased and used them as the manufacturers state that they have created a golf ball that gives exceptional distance for tee shots and excellent control for short shots – a combination every golfer is after!

New Balance Men's Fresh Foam Contend Waterproof Spikeless Golf Shoes (£124.99):

To play golf, golf shoes are essential. Maybe your dad has had his current pair for a long time and they are starting to creak at the edges or don’t look as good as when he first got them. Then these New Balance Waterproof Spikeless Golf Shoes would be a very good upgrade. They are available in sizes ranging from 7.5 to 11.5 and they come in three different colour combinations – predominantly white with a blue and red trim, navy with a hint of white and red, and grey with a charcoal trim.

Because these are spikeless shoes, they can be worn away from the golf course (once any flecks of grass or mud have been flicked off, of course). So, if you can imagine your dad wearing these to go out to the shops or nipping out for a coffee or a drink, they would make an excellent gift.

Skechers Men's GO GOLF Torque Victorious Waterproof Spiked Golf Shoes (£99.99):

As opposed to the New Balance shoes, this pair of Skechers golf shoes are spiked, so they can only be worn for golf. They are lightweight in design so they are not like clunky, heavy golf shoes of the past. Their synthetic leather upper is also very smooth and easy to wipe, so there is no excuse for your dad not to keep them looking lovely and clean!

Available in either pristine white or navy blue and in sizes from 7 to 11, these golf shoes carry the S logo on the heel. They also provide all the comfort of other Skechers footwear, - a comment that has been made by most customers and something essential to bear in mind, given that golfers are on their feet and inside their shoes for up to five hours at a time.

Bushnell Tour V6 Golf Rangefinder (£329.00):

This looks at first glance a bit like a camera but it is actually a rangefinder, and more importantly it is a piece of technology that could transform your dad’s golf game.

A rangefinder is a handheld device used to measure distances to remote objects, in this case the distance from a golf ball to where the pin is located on the green. This Bushnell rangefinder has improved speed and accuracy, meaning that your dad, or any golfer, can point it in the direction they want and get the information they need faster than ever before. It also has a magnet which allows it to stick on a golf bag, so you don’t need to worry about where to keep it during the round.

This technology should help your dad, but don’t forget, he’s the one who still has to hit the ball, so it can’t solve everything!

Garmin Approach S62 Golf GPS Watch (£449.99):

If your dad is a complete teccy, the chances are that he would be delighted to have the chance to use technology when out on the golf course.

That is exactly what he can do with this Garmin GPS watch. Available with either a white or black strap to accompany the black face, this device helps you to work out how far away from the flag you are on any particular hole. The watch has access to 41,000 golf course maps available in full colour at the touch of a button, so your dad should be able to use it wherever he is playing. He will never need to guess about how far his ball needs to go ever again because this watch will tell him the exact yardage.

Benross HTX Steel Golf Package Set (£399):

If your dad has been talking about taking up golf for the first time or returning to it after a period away, maybe because of work or family life, this Father’s Day gift would give him the perfect incentive to get back on the course.

This 16-piece package set from Benross really ticks all the boxes. It includes 11 clubs, from a driver all the way through to a mallet-style putter and comes with a lovely premium Benross golf bag that is perfect to put on either a trolley or a golf buggy. The bag also has a dual lift handle that makes it easier to transport from the car or the cupboard or the garage or wherever it’s kept. To complete the package, there are three vintage wood covers to put on those clubs to protect them from being knocked when they are in the bag.

You may not see your dad much again if you get him this package and he really takes to golf, but we are sure that is something which you are happy to accept!

Wilson Ultra XD Steel Golf Package Set (£349):

This is another package that would be an outstanding Father’s Day gift for the dad who is new to the game or a complete beginner, as it offers everything he could want.

The Wilson Ultra Golf Set comes with a driver for hitting the ball off the tee, along with a fairway wood and a hybrid club, iron clubs from a six-iron through to a sand wedge and a blade-style putter. To round it off, there is a very nice black-and-yellow golf carry bag. This lightweight bag has a stand attached to it and a large shoulder strap making it easy to carry it around the course rather than needing a trolley or a buggy. There are also head covers included for the driver, fairway wood and hybrid club to offer extra protection.

One other thing to consider with this package set is that the clubs are also available for left-handers, so this would be ideal for a left-handed beginner.

Callaway Warbird Golf Stand Bag (£129.00):

For a Father’s Day present that would be extremely well received and does not break the bank, look no further than a new golf bag.

The old one may be getting a little frayed around the edges or you may just think that your dad deserves a treat. In that case, this Callaway Warbird stand bag is a terrific option. It comes in black with the distinctive white Callaway lettering on the side, making other golfers aware of exactly what a good make of bag your dad will have.

In practical terms, it is lightweight and comfortable with a dual strap so the weight is proportioned across both shoulders as it is carried around the golf course. It also has a high-mounted automatic stand system to provide extra stability. In simple terms, that means it does not fall over, and it can be placed down upright, so it does not get wet or muddy during a game.

TaylorMade Select Plus Golf Stand Bag (£129.00):

Never mind just for 18 holes, this golf stand bag from TaylorMade is more like a golfing backpack as it provides so many useful touches. If your dad is active and sporty, this TaylorMade golf bag could be right up his street.

With a four-point adjustable backpack-like strap, he can find the exact point at which the golf bag sits most comfortably on his shoulders as he carries it around the golf course. That mixture of balance and comfort is designed to ensure that the bag does not weigh the player down, the longer they are out on the course. There is an extra-large rain and travel hood – perfect for keeping clubs dry if it starts raining or to protect them in the boot of a car or if stowed on an airline when taking them on a golf holiday. To make sure nothing is left to chance, there is also a loop to hang a golf towel and a holder to put a golf umbrella.

This golf bag is available in three colours: black with understated and discreet grey lettering, a sleek black and red combination, and a bag that is mostly navy with red and white sections to provide splashes of bright colours. Overall, the TaylorMade stand bag really makes for a terrific present, and a Father’s Day golf gift to remember.

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