The weather is improving, the season is here, and the greens are starting to properly take shape as we welcome the arrival of summer 2022. With courses across the country in the process of transforming from winter conditions to stunning summer ones, be best prepared this season and take to the finely tuned surfaces with a putter designed to improve your game.

To get you ready for the summer, we’ve compiled our list of the best putters in 2022. Read on to find out which one is right for your game.

TaylorMade Spider Tour Black

TaylorMade Spider Tour Putter

The TaylorMade Spider Tour Black putter is a fan favourite for many golfers all across the world. Offering a combination of sightlines, toe hangs and hosels for a wide array of alignments, this putter has everything to enhance any putting stroke.

Having seen Jason Day set putting records with this Spider model, legions of golfers are now looking to roll it like the world’s best with this premium putter, built specifically for the Tour. The Spider Tour Black putter offers increased stability, more top spin (to gain a smoother roll) and a square shape look for a tour-proven putting performance.

The putter’s iconic square design makes sinking balls a whole lot easier by providing increased forgiveness and improved alignment. The current, and most popular, variation of this putter features a short slant neck hosel which expands the visibility of the face with toe hang - a feature not often found on a high-MOI mallet.

The Spider Tour Black also includes Pure Roll technology, which is a face insert featuring 45-degree angle grooves that have been created to improve forward roll across a variety of surfaces, helping your ball to stay on its intended line.

The distinctive putter has been topped off with a smooth crown, sightline, and movable weight technology to match the desired head weight. The finishing touch is the fitted SuperStroke GTR 1.0 grip for even more accuracy on finely polished surfaces.

Ping PLD Tyne 4

PING PLD Tyne 4 Putter

PING certainly never disappoint when it comes to any release, and once again their putting department has come up trumps with another stunning short stick design.

Validated for tour performance, the Ping PLD Tyne 4 Milled Matte Black putter provides a true statement of precision and quality on the greens. Precisely milled from 303 forged stainless steel, the new PLD Tyne 4 Milled Matte Black putter’s design offers a player an improved feel and has a satin raw finish for beautiful looks from any angle.

The putting range, which boasts over 20 tour victories already, has been constructed with a deep aggressive milling pattern (AMP) face texture, as requested and developed by many of PING’s Tour athletes.

In order to ensure the utmost quality and zero tolerance with any club, each of the PLD putter ranges requires over four hours of machining to give you unmatched quality and performance. Topped off with a distinctive design, the Ping PLD Tyne 4 Milled Matte Black putter provides a balanced look at address and ensures stability to make it highly forgiving and accurate.

Scotty Cameron Newport 2

Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Putter

For the purist, the Scotty Cameron Newport 2 has been refined and re-engineered to be as close as possible to its iconic Tour specification.

Scotty Cameron is known worldwide as the ‘players’ putter, having taken a lifetime to craft and create. The Newport 2 certainly backs up Scotty Cameron’s mission statement as this re-engineered classic has been precision milled in the USA from a solid block of stainless steel, without any face insert, to give you a feel that is unique to Scotty Cameron putters. This has been achieved via a mid-milled face pattern which provides you with a superior feel and performance when rolling the ball on the finely tuned greens.

The sweet spot has been enlarged to enhance stability, balance and performance via the use of a solid milled construction which combines with custom tungsten sole weights.

Not only does it provide unmatched putting benefits, but the Newport 2’s innovative design also has an aesthetically pleasing head shape to give the golfer even more confidence when standing over the putt. Inspired by legendary tournament-winning models, the putter includes the classic hand-applied red translucent paint which creates striking new ‘cherry rings.’

TaylorMade Spider GT

TaylorMade Spider GT Putter

Following on from the revolutionary introduction of TaylorMade’s famous Spider range, first introduced some 14 years ago, TaylorMade have revealed their latest Spider GT range with the Red 3 Small Slant putter.

Unquestionably one of 2022’s top five putters, the all-new Spider GT has set the standard in putting performance. This new modern wingback putter has been designed with extreme perimeter weighting for optimal forgiveness. It has a complex construction that consists of a lightweight aluminium body and a top plate that eliminates excess weight in the centre of the putter head.

The Spider GT has also been engineered with extreme perimeter weighting to provide maximum forgiveness as the weight is centred in the middle to stabilise deflection on off-centre strikes. The new GT range also includes PURE ROLL 2 face inserts created to improve forward roll across the face that works to provide more consistency and distance control in your putting regardless of your stroke.

Fitted with the Flutted Feel shaft - which is softer towards the top of the shaft’s neck - the putter is designed to enhance feel, increase stability, and provide a tighter dispersion for added accuracy.

Wilson Infinite Windy City Putter

Wilson Staff Infinite Windy City Putter

Priced slightly lower down the price bracket, the Wilson Infinite Windy City putter can be counted on to help you improve your putting game this season.

The Infinite Windy City putter has been inspired by the company's headquarters in Chicago, generating its name after the local neighbourhood. Wilson’s new oversize constructed putter head has been designed with a heavier grip to create a counter-balanced feel. This helps to promote a more stable putting stroke and, ultimately, more consistency on the greens.

Styled with a dark anti-glare finish, the Wilson Infinite Windy City putter helps players avoid distractions at the address position. It also occupies a double-milled face to get the ball rolling more smoothly towards the hole. The grip is oversized and has a perforated pattern for improved feel and texture. With a simple but effective putter choice provided once again, this piece of equipment will certainly turn some heads, but it is for sure worthy of a place in the top five.

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