Choosing our golf bag is a very important decision. Wherever we keep our golf clubs – in the garage, in the cloakroom, in the cupboard, maybe even in the boot of the car – we always see the bag before we see a putter or a driver or our favourite club. There are two things that we need our golf bag to stir up inside us. One is pride so that when our golf bag is lined up near others on the practice putting green or in the locker room, there is no sense of inferiority and we feel ready to play. The other is excitement. When we see our golf bag or catch a glimpse of it, our mind should immediately switch to golf. We can think of sunny days and long evenings. Maybe of a favourite round, winning a competition or a great shot. That one look at our bag can stir up the golf bug inside us and get us planning our next round.

At AMERICAN GOLF, we understand how important it is that every golfer has the right bag. That’s why we have come up with this list of some of the best golf bags on offer so that every single golfer can be paired up with the type of golf bag that matches their needs.

Top Golf Bags

TaylorMade Select Plus Stand Bag (£129):

TaylorMade Select Plus Black Stand Bag

Deciding to carry our golf bag over 18 holes is a significant one. A golfer who wants to carry their bag wants to be purposeful on the course, focusing on their shots and how to score. It takes away hassle about having to follow trolley or cart paths and having long walks to greens or tees.

TaylorMade have recognised those needs to come up with the Select Plus Stand Bag. This is a stand bag for a golfer who plays regularly and all over the place (in terms of destinations). Starting off with the weight, there is a four-point adjustable backpack-style strap that is designed for maximum balance and comfort. The four adjusters mean that a golfer can make sure that they find the right balance all through the round and do not suffer any fatigue towards the end. The stand system is also lightweight but offers perfect stability when the bag is placed on the ground.

One of the best stand bags available and exclusive to American Golf, the Select Plus Stand Bag has three colour options (black and charcoal, black and red or blue and white), and it has a seven-way divider at the top to separate out our clubs and six specially positioned pockets. Along with extras like a towel loop and umbrella holder, the extra-large travel hood is ideal for taking our golf bags on planes or coaches if we go on any foreign golf trips.

Callaway Warbird Golf Stand Bag (£129):

The Callaway Warbird Golf Stand Bag is designed to straddle that tricky fine line between giving us comfort in carrying our golf clubs but enough space to fit all the things necessary over 18 holes and four hours out on the golf course. That is not easy to achieve but Callaway seem to have managed that judging by the positive reviews that this product has had, making it one of the best options to buy as a stand bag.

The dual strap has been ergonomically designed so that the weight of the bag and everything inside it is evenly spread over both shoulders to give maximum comfort and balance. Weighing just under 2kg, the golf bag has a high-mounted automatic stand system to give added stability when it is placed on the ground.

There is a six-way organiser to manage our clubs and make sure that they are easy to access during the round and six strategically placed pockets, including a specific one for drinks, so we should never be scrambling around frantically trying to find where we have put something. The Callaway Warbird, which is exclusive to American Golf and comes in a vibrant black colour with a touch of yellow trim, also has a matching rain hood to protect our clubs in bad weather.

Callaway Golf Par 3 Double Strap Pencil Bag (£79):

The boffins at Callaway really know their stuff and they deserve credit for creating the Par 3 Double Strap Pencil Bag. They understand the golf market and they have created one of the best pencil bags on the market.

Golfers purchasing a pencil bag want a combination of simplicity and efficiency. They want a golf bag that is easy to move around but not at the cost of being able to take all our golfing essentials with us. The term Par 3 is also useful because this could be a great golf bag for someone just starting out on their golfing journey, maybe by playing par-3 or short courses before they need to graduate to something more substantial.

Available in black or navy, there are three dividers at the top to store our clubs in this Callaway Par 3 Double Strap Pencil Bag and four pockets to put our things. There is a full-length pocket to store waterproofs, or a jumper or a woolly hat depending on what weather we are trying to combat on the course. One pocket is perfect for accessories while there is a velour-lined pocket that is designed to keep valuables. This golf bag has a dual strap system and a manual release stand that can help golfers to keep the bag dry in any conditions.

Titleist Sunday Lightweight Golf Carry Bag (£75):

Knowing the influence that Titleist carries in the sport in terms of golf shoes, golf balls and golf gloves, it would just feel plain wrong if we did not include a Titleist offering in terms of the best golf bags available.

The Sunday Lightweight Golf Carry Bag fits the ideal of golf as a Sunday stroll because it is lightweight and durable, maybe fitting for a casual nine holes when there is no handicap to protect or score to chase, just playing for the sheer fun of it. The modern appearance is designed to be super stylish with the Titleist words emblazoned along the side. The main choice is on the colour as we can opt for black, navy or forrest (green). But whatever we decide, make no mistake, anyone catching sight of this bag will recognise the name straight away!

In terms of specifics, the Sunday Lightweight Golf Bag has a two-way top cuff to separate our clubs and three pockets to store our things, including a full-length one for apparel. But it probably means that we cannot take everything out on the course with us. However, the fixed double-strap is designed to ensure maximum comfort and make sure that carrying this bag is straightforward, and certainly not a huge unwelcome effort.

Benross Pro-Lite 2.0 Golf Stand Bag (£89):

One of the first things that stands out about the Benross ProLite 2.0 Golf Stand Bag is how customers have been delighted with the value for money of this bag. Benross may not have the same cache as some of the other brands here, but it does the job customers want to be considered as one of the best golf bags.

Available in either black or navy with hints of white and red on both, this Benross stand bag has been made with lightweight and durable materials to enhance its performance. The top is divided into seven sections in which to put our clubs with it possible to give a particularly important club its own divider.

There are six pockets which cover the essentials – one for balls, a full-length clothing pocket, one for accessories like tees, gloves and markers, a water-resistant pocket for valuables and an insulated bottle sleeve. The bag also has the useful extras like a towel ring and an umbrella loop that help to create the perfect bag. To finish off, it has reinforced stand legs to maintain the stability of the bag and not have us worrying that it may topple off when we are trying to concentrate on hitting our ball!

Cobra XL Golf Stand Bag (£84.99):

Exclusive to American Golf, the Cobra XL Golf Stand Bag is an excellent alternative in the market for one of the best stand golf bags. With the famous Cobra lettering standing out in white on this all-black bag, it looks good both close up and at a distance. So after passing the first test, it also scores well on the more important elements with customers delighted about its lightweight qualities – essential for a golf bag that spends most of the round on our shoulders.

Made out of lightweight materials, the Cobra XL has double padded straps to provide that extra comfort on our shoulders when carrying and there is a lift-assisted handle to make sure there is no over exertion in that area. The bag features automatic stand functionality with rubber tips on the bottom of the stands to provide even more secure placement.

There is a seven-way divider in which to put our golf clubs and five zips in which to store our belongings. These are marked out as one for balls, one for tees, one for accessories like gloves, a full-length pocket for golf clothing or apparel and a velour-lined pocket to store our car keys, mobile phones or any other major valuables.

Greg Norman Golf Stand Bag (£74.99):

Long before he was a businessman and golfing politician, Greg Norman was a world-class golfer. The Australian played golf just like we do, so he understands what a golfer wants from a golf bag. If choosing a stand bag, we want a bag that is comfortable to carry and durable and sturdy enough to survive being knocked around a bit, whether that is when we are picking it up on the course or putting it in the car boot. This golf bag certainly meets those criteria according to people who have already purchased it.

There is an 9in oversize top cuff to accommodate every golfer’s needs with a seven-way divider for our clubs and three full-length shaft separators. The dividers also include a separate one for our putter, for ease of access when we get to the green. One of the best golf bags around, it comes in three different colour designs (black/blue, black/grey and navy/red) and has five internal pockets that include a water-resistant pocket for valuables and an insulated one to carry drinks. Extras include a towel ring, an umbrella loop, a Velcro glove attachment and a matching shower hood. This stand bag also has auto-stand functionality for simple placing, and has leg locks for when not in use. There is also a matching shower hood included.

Ping Moonlite Water-Resistant Golf Pencil Bag (£120.00):

When we think of a golf pencil bag, we are thinking of speed and practicality. It’s a bag that we can quickly grab out of the cupboard and throw into the car. We can put our shoes on quickly, get the bag and get to the first tee. It is ideal for rounds first thing in the morning or maybe a cheeky nine holes one summer evening when time is of the essence.

The Ping Moonlite bag recognises that by coming up with a design that is lightweight and compact enough to be able to fit 14 clubs and worthy of being one of the best golf bags on the market. Although it is worth remembering that pencil bags are often ideal for half-sets or a handful of clubs. They are also valuable in winter if our course forbids trolleys or carts because the conditions are too wet.

There is a four-way divider at the top of the bag for our clubs and adjustable straps, so we can find the ideal spot for us to carry this golf bag. The water-resistant belly is designed to keep our clubs dry and has pockets to store our apparel, a water bottle, and even a stretch-mesh rangefinder pocket.

Rife Waterproof Golf Cart Bag (£129.99):

The Rife Waterproof Golf Cart Bag is perfect for those golfers who usually ride in a buggy or use an electric trolley. We are not worried about carrying it, so its storage capabilities are the big selling point and what makes this one of the best golf bags around is the number of options that it provides for the user. The top has 15 dividers, including a specific one for a putter, so it is easy to find the right club when we need it rather than have to rummage around.

As an excellent option for a cart (or trolley) bag, it has seven individual pockets, including a waterproof pocket that is perfect to store our valuables. The golf bag has a glove, towel and dual umbrella holder, and there is a lift assist handle and a single shoulder strap. But given how sturdy the bag is, it is only recommended to carry this bag over a short distance. There is also a combined pocket for either a rain hood or a battery.

Coming in a combination of navy and red or black, this golf bag has strong water-resistant materials and zips, so that our clubs and belongings are not left ringing wet after a downpour on the course.

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