The recent ruling by The R&A and the USGA showed just how important the golf ball is. Their decision to implement a change whereby elite players will have to use a specially adapted golf ball for The Open and the US Open from 2026 shows the effect that the golf ball is having on the game. To bring in a ball that will fly about 15 yards less to reduce distance tells us that the golf ball is definitely travelling further than it ever has done.

Thankfully that rule will not apply to the vast majority of us, so we have no need to worry. We only need to think of the characteristics we want in our little white (or yellow) friend. Do we want to find extra last yard of distance to get us down the fairway? Or are we confident, or brave, enough to go for a ball for generates maximum spin on the green to help our approach shots?

Here at AMERICAN GOLF, we have picked out what we believe to be the best golf balls of 2024. So, read through and see which ones catch our eye.

Top 10 Golf Balls 2024

Titleist Pro V1 (12-ball pack £47.99):

Colours: White, Yellow

Titleist has proclaimed itself the number one ball in golf for years and with good reason. Nobody ever doubts the quality of a Titleist golf ball. Show it to our playing partners and it will never raise any eyebrows as Titleist is a premium brand. And customers of the Pro VI are unanimous in their love of this golf ball.

At basically £4 per ball, we don’t want to be knocking it out of bounds or into the water with our first shot but if we avoid those disasters, we should be fine with a ball that that has spin, speed and feel. This ball, which has a whopping 388 dimples, has a high-gradient core to give us longer distance while Titleist’s softest ever cover should provide even more feel and even more spin on the greens, if we can get our ball on the dance floor!

Titleist Pro V1x (12-ball pack £47.99):

Colours: White, Yellow

Compared to the Pro V1, the Titleist Pro V1x has ONLY 348 dimples, but don’t worry, it is still one of the best golf balls of 2024. There is a faster lower spin casing layer which should aid us to get a higher trajectory on our shots that in turn can then combine with the soft cover to give us more spin on the greens. Simple, right? But if we are confident enough to use a ball where we can get it checking back close to the hole, this could be a great option.

Choosing between these two Titleist golf balls really is a matter of taste. Look at the pros, who still use Titleist balls in huge numbers. Scottie Scheffler plays the Pro V1 while great mates Justin Thomas and Jordan Spieth both use the Pro V1x.

Callaway Golf Warbird 2.0 (12-ball pack £17.99):

Colours: White

Callaway does not hide its intentions with its latest edition of the Warbird golf ball. This is one of the best balls of 2024 because it is all about distance. The hexagonal-shaped dimples are designed to be more aerodynamic and create exceptional carry distance for our shots, while the core of the ball is compressed to give it a softer feel and faster ball speed.

With all this attention on distance and trying to eke out as much extra yardage as possible, it’s not quite as good in generating spin around the greens. But one big advantage of the ball is because it is a bit firmer than some of the other balls on the list, it is harder to damage or mark it and therefore we can get more use from it before we have to get a new one out of the bag.

TaylorMade TP5 (12-ball pack £41.99):#

Colours: White, Yellow

The most striking thing about this golf ball is obvious as soon as it comes out of the packet. Coming in white, each ball has 12 orange and black triangles on the cover, which are primarily designed to help with our alignment on the green as they can be used to try to get our ball travelling on the right line we want. The markings are also useful with a driver as we try to hit one out of the middle with the big stick. And the basic thing is that with so much orange on the ball, it makes it stand out more if it runs into the rough, and therefore easier to spot and harder to lose.

The ball is probably better suited to low handicappers who can generate sufficient club head speed to increase distance, while it responds well to irons and wedges, to create greater stopping power on the greens. Use those alignment signs the right way and we could be saving countless shots per round (fingers crossed)!

Callaway Supersoft (15-ball pack £26.99):

Colours: White, Yellow, Green, Red, Pink, Orange

First of all, the Callaway Supersoft ball represents excellent value for money, before we even get into its specifications, and that is something we should not dismiss lightly.

The Supersoft has been one of the most popular balls in recent years and this latest version stands out as one of the best golf balls to have in 2024 because it gives increased distance off the tee and added control around the greens. The technology involved includes the soft compression to promote a higher launch and lower spin with our longer clubs, while the Hex dimples allow for a higher ball flight and more carry – factors that make this a very appealing golf ball for more senior players.

TaylorMade Tour Response (12-ball pack £34.99):

Colours: White

The Tour Response stands out as one of the best golf balls to have in the bag for players with moderate to fast swings, who don’t necessarily want to shell out for the absolute top of the range balls.

TaylorMade’s mantra for the Tour Response is Tour-level performance, but for less money. The ball has a 100% cast urethane cover, just like the ones used by the best players in the world, and that allows it to give a premium feel and better spin around the greens. It can also produce advanced ball speed and effortless distance thanks to the technology involved, meaning that this golf ball certainly stands comparison with the best golf balls of 2024.

Bridgestone Tour B XS (12-ball pack £39.99):

Colour: White

Bridgestone has played its ace hand with these golf balls which have been developed in partnership with Tiger Woods. Tiger uses it in competition and with his face all over the packaging, the Japanese company should be confident of these golf balls flying off the shelf.

The benefits of the XS ball are that it has good workability, as in the ball can be hit both ways, either with a draw or a fade and it has excellent greenside spin. Players with these golf balls have enjoyed the feel of them and coming in slightly cheaper than Titleist golf balls, they could be an excellent option, although they are recommended for players with faster swing speeds.

Srixon Soft Feel (12-ball pack £22.99):

Colours: White, Yellow

The Srixon name may not carry the same clout as some of the other brands on this list, but that does not mean they should be dismissed. For many golfers, these are the ideal golf balls as they are more suited to players with slower swings who can get more distance from this ball than others.

Manufacturers highlight a solid and comfortable impact with each shot and that is something high-handicappers in particular want from their golf ball. The soft feel is good around the greens although it makes a quiet sound off the putter. However, the side stamp is a great advantage as that allows players to align their drives or putts in the right position to give them the best chance of hitting the sweet spot.

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