Clubs? Check. Shoes? Check. Golf bag? Check. Golf balls and tees? Check and check. Golf glove? Oh yes, a glove! How could we possibly forget?#

A golf glove is not the first thing we think of when getting ready to play golf, but it is something we all need for our round. And not only that, but as soon as we start wearing a new one, the countdown is on until we need another one. So it is always useful as a birthday or Christmas present, a Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gift, because any golfer, male or female, is happy to have a spare in the bag. However, remember when choosing a golf glove, we pick one for our opposite hand. If the golfer is right-handed (like the vast majority of players), the golf glove is worn on the LEFT hand. But for a left-handed golfer, a right-handed golf glove is required.

Here at AMERICAN GOLF, we have picked out what we believe to be ten of the best golf gloves for male and female golfers to make their selection.

Best Golf Gloves

FootJoy Ladies WeatherSof Golf Glove (£9.99):

Hand: Left Size: Small, Medium, Large

For any female golfer, it is almost impossible to go wrong with this Footjoy WeatherSof golf glove. It has almost unanimous approval from customers who are very happy with their choice of glove and it bears all the hallmarks of FootJoy and why this brand is #No1 in gloves.

This lovely white glove with the famous FJ logo standing out in black has a lovely soft feel, making it nice to wear over the course of 18 holes. But it also maintains the durability required for a good grip on the club, giving confidence to perform, thanks to premium Cabretta leather on the thumb and palm patch.

Under Armour Ladies Iso-Chill Golf Glove (£14.99):

Hand: Left Size: Small, Medium, Large

The unique selling point of this ladies’ glove from Under Armour is the special Iso-Chill fabric, a material that disperses heat to keep a golfer’s hand comfortable. That makes it a very good option as a golf glove for the height of summer or a golf trip or holiday to warmer climes.

Available in white with halo grey markings, this golf glove has a leather palm patch that offers good durability and grip along with micro perforations to improve breathability while seam taping provides the glove with a sleek look, making it worthy of being one of our best golf gloves.

GOLFINO Ladies Cabretta Leather Golf Glove (£7.99):

Hand: Left Size: Small, Medium, Large

Golfino’s tagline is ‘elegance in sport’ so of course that is going to apply to their golf gloves as well and this leather one for aspiring lady golfers fits the bill. It is a predominantly white glove with a snazzy navy palm and navy diamonds on the knuckles to make it stand out.

The perforated vent holes increase breathability and a moisture-wicking wrist cuff as well as an angled Velcro closure to ensure maximum comfort and the right adjustment for the hand.

Under Armour Men’s Medal Golf Glove (£9.99):

Hand: Left Size: Small, Medium, Medium/Large, Large, XL

The great thing about the Under Armour Men’s Medal Golf Glove is the range of colours and sizes that it has. There are five different sizes and three colours, with white/black, white/grey and black depending on preference. The different colours on the three back fingers (black or grey) also help the golfer to check that his hands are in the right position on the club.

The glove is comfortable and hard-wearing while the lightweight fabrics help the golf glove to dry quickly. The textured palm also offers enhanced grip. The versatility and qualities make this one of the best all-round golf gloves on the market.

Callaway Men’s Dawn Patrol Golf Glove (£16.99):

Hand: Left Size: Small, Medium, Medium/Large, XL

Available at £16.99, the Dawn Patrol is not cheap for a golf glove. For that money, golfers should expect the best and Callaway do not disappoint with this one.

This glove is about two things – performance and durability. Perforated holes can be found on the palm, the fingers, and the thumb of this pristine white glove to reduce moisture and increase breathability for the hand. There is also an OptiFit adjustable cuff, so that whatever the size, a golfer can have the glove as tight and as secure as he feels comfortable with when holding a club.

FootJoy Men's WeatherSof Golf Glove (£9.99):

Hand: Left, Right Size: Small (LH only), Medium, Medium/Large (RH only), Large

Just like in golf balls and golf shoes, FootJoy like to call themselves #no.1 for golf gloves, and you can never go wrong with one of these on your hands. In fact, there is a good chance that you will already have worn one if you have played golf for any length of time.

FootJoy’s reputation goes before it with customers happy to know that if it is good enough to pass FootJoy’s stringest tests, then it is good enough for them on the golf course. Over 90 million WeatherSof gloves have been sold around the world, so you would be in good company with one of these.

Available in white or black, and a good option for both right AND left-handed players, this golf glove performs well in virtually all conditions, making it an excellent all-round option as it combines a soft feel with maximum durability.

FootJoy Men's Contour FLX Golf Glove (£14.99):

Hand: Left, Right Size: Small (RH only) Medium, Medium/Large, Large (LH only)

More expensive than the WeatherSof, the FootJoy Men’s Contour FLX proudly proclaims this golf glove to be a comfortable fit and a soft feel. Premium Cabretta leather is used across the whole palm along with PowerNet mesh inserts to give that soft and flexible feel. The wrist elastic and the three-angled Velcro tab mean that golfers can have this golf glove as tight as they want for that all-important grip.

Again, this is proving to be a popular purchase and one of the best golf gloves available, while it is also worth noting that although we only make up a very small minority of golfers, FootJoy provide the best choices for left-handers.

Under Armour Men's Iso-Chill Golf Glove (£14.99):

Hand: Left Size: Medium, Medium/Large, Large

Under Armour have pushed the boundaries with their Iso-Chill golf glove, with the innovative cool feel material designed to disperse heat and keep the hand as comfortable as possible on a hot day on the golf course. It feels cool to the touch and the material helps to avoid any build-up of sweat.

There are lots of micro perforations to increase ventilation and a Cabretta leather palm that gives any golfer the durability and grip they want from one of the best golf gloves around. Complete with the instantly recognisable UA logo, this white and black glove is as stylish as it is effective.

Rife Men's RX2 All Weather Golf Glove (£7.99):

Hand: Left Size: Small, Medium/Large, Large

This offering from Rife is the cheapest golf glove for men on this list, but it offers excellent value for money and it has left customers who have already bought one very satisfied.

A combination of materials has been used to create the thinnest possible feel, with synthetic material used for most of the glove and cabretta leather for the palm patch and thumb to give it that performance and durability.

There are plenty of vent holes to prevent the build-up of moisture and the angled Velcro closure tab should ensure that every user gets the golf glove as snub and comfortable as they want it.

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