The only part of you that touches the golf club, and therefore dictates everything that will happen during the swing, is your hands. It is, therefore, or should be, self-evident that your grip on the club needs to be firm, non-slip and comfortable. ‘Firm’ does not mean strangling the handle as if you’re trying to choke a chicken, but not so loose that the club flies out of your hands through impact. It also helps on cold winter days if the glove can keep just a little of your body’s natural warmth in your fingers and not feel as if it’s slipping about like Bambi on ice.

Things to consider when buying winter golf gloves


Too loose and you forego that crucial sense of feel through your fingers; too tight and you won’t get it fastened properly, and again, you can reduce the amount of feel, or feedback, you get from your hands. The good news is that you can always try before you buy – never hesitate to take a glove out of its packaging to try it on (and remember to put it back properly if it doesn’t fit).


Few things beat the pleasurable sensation of pulling on a spanking new cabretta leather glove and in the dry, they’re terrific. In the wet, however, they’re almost not ideal and once they get damp they dry out like a stiff bit of cardboard. Thankfully there are numerous synthetic materials that are durable, comfortable and affordable. You could go for a compromise, featuring leather patches on the palms and synthetic material elsewhere but that leather could still be a problem in the wet.


Cabretta leather is the gold standard for gloves and because of that, the most expensive. In winter conditions, man-made materials score highly as they are not only more effective but also offer good value for money.


When your fingers, especially on the un-gloved hand, are like icicles, you don’t want to be rummaging around in your pocket for a ball marker, so consider a glove that has one attached to its back.


Some of these synthetic, all-weather gloves are made from material that will retain heat, so on the coldest days you can avoid that dreadful stinging through your fingers and up your arm that results from the slightly (or very) miss-hit shot.


You’re probably wedded to the idea that you wear one glove, on your less dominant hand but time for a re-think. A pair of winter gloves could soon become your new best friend.


It doesn’t matter how waterproof, comfortable, warm and effective a glove is – if it only lasts a couple of rounds, you will be in for an expensive winter.

Best Golf Gloves for Winter 2023

FootJoy Men’s RainGrip Golf Glove – Pair (£17.99)

  • Super grip
  • Breathable
  • Ball marker and tee holster included

It always struck me as slightly odd to wear a brand named FootJoy on my hands but then I tried some of the company’s gloves and, like the shoes of the same name, the quality is evident. If your priority is to maintain an excellent grip in the wet, these FootJoy winter golf gloves would be the best choice because the wetter the conditions the better the grip. The knit patented autosuede palm almost guarantees good adhesion, while the quick dry material throughout gives good flexibility and breathability. FootJoy go one better than most and, in addition to a ball marker, also provide a convenient holster for your tee.

Wilson Men’s Rain Golf Gloves – Pair (£18.99)

  • Better grip in the wet
  • Flexible for comfort
  • Touchscreen friendly

Another option if you want to keep both hands warm is this premium offering from Wilson. Designed specifically for when you need to play golf in the rain, their microfibre construction, like the FootJoys, means they give even more grip in slippery conditions. These Wilson gloves are ergonomically shaped to fit the hand more comfortably. One other consideration for the modern age is that they’re touchscreen friendly so you can keep them on while accessing your GPS screen or watch – because you would certainly not take or make phone calls on the course, would you?

Rife Men’s Rain Golf Gloves – Pair (£9.99)

  • Good value
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Velcro fastening

If you’re looking for a winter golf glove that offers great value and functionality, this Rife glove could fit the bill. It looks good, too, with the glove being available in black with attractive blue piping. The microfibre, non-slip material is infused with a silicone texture through the palm, index finger and thumb for even greater adhesion. It features a Velcro fastening tab to ensure the best fit.

Under Armour Men’s CGI Golf Gloves – Pair (£19.99)

  • Warm
  • Water resistant
  • Ribbed cuff

If keeping your hands warm is particularly important, you might want to consider these gloves from Under Armour. They are specifically designed to battle the elements, featuring what the company describes as ‘ColdGear Infrared 2.0, a thermo-conductive inner coating to absorb and retain body heat.’ In addition, the shell of the gloves is wind and water resistant, a soft sidewall is provided for the index finger and, crucially, an extra-long ribbed cuff, to protect that part of your wrist between jacket and hand. Made from 100% polyurethane, they are comfortable, warm, flexible and efficient. This glove is available in black with white highlights.

Cobra Men's Golf StormGrip Rain Golf Gloves – Pair (£19.99)

  • Excellent fit
  • Great grip
  • Elasticated cuff

These Rife gloves provide an excellent feel on the grip of your clubs and offer an excellent, comfortable fit. Traction is outstanding and, like one or two other gloves in this round-up, the wetter it gets, the better the grip. The elasticated cuff ensures a snug fit and does a good job of retaining that all-essential warmth in your fingers. The cherry on top of this cake is that they are water resistant so overall, an excellent choice whether it is cold, wet or both.

Motocaddy Deluxe Trolley Golf Mittens (£24.99)

  • Designed for trolleys
  • Extremely warm
  • Convenient to use

Mittens can be an essential bit of kit on really cold days, but it can be a bit of a faff peeling them on and off. Specifically designed to fit a Motocaddy trolley, these may nevertheless fit other models. The dual panel ergonomic construction means you can operate your trolley speed control with either hand. They are fleece-lined for superb heat retention and sliding your hands in and out is as easy as slipping your feet into a comfortable pair of slippers. Available in black; one size fits all.

FootJoy WinterSof Gloves – Pair (£20.99)

  • Water resistant
  • Great grip
  • Versatile

These gloves feature the same autosuede knit palm that appears on their RainGrip glove, so excellent grip in even the wettest conditions is a given. In addition, they have a weather shield foam fleece backing for warmth, and an extended, knitted cuff. Also included is the same holster to store a tee, but no ball marker this time. Available in black with a white FootJoy logo, they’re an excellent all-rounder to help you cope with both rain and low temperatures and if you’re one of the many to suffer with arthritic fingers, they would be a good option. In fact, they are so versatile they could be used for any outdoor activity, such as running, cycling, or dog walking.

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