Built for golfers of all levels, the Callaway Rogue ST Max Driver delivers the perfect combination of distance and forgiveness to improve each and every golfer’s long game. The latest addition to the Callaway family scraps the idea of the moveable weight theory and instead embraces a series of conceived design frameworks to suit certain player types.

Each driver in the Rogue ST Max family is fully-adjustable, featuring Callaway’s iconic adjustable hosel neck where loft and bias settings can be altered. Following the discarding of the moveable sliding weight - which featured in the previous Epic Flash models - Callaway reverted back to their fixed weight framework which featured in the Mavrik as well as the Rogue ST’s sister product, the original Rogue driver.

Rogue ST Max: A four-model collection

The basic, yet effective, technical detail regarding the construction change is that the new Rogue ST features a four-model collection. Each of the four different head setups includes increased MOI (moment of inertia) to provide extreme forgiveness for golfers of all levels.  

The Callaway Rogue ST Max Driver provides maximum forgiveness and higher launching ball flight.

The most forgiving head of the four is the Max model which provides maximum forgiveness while promoting a higher launching ball flight at a neutral angle. The Max D produces similar benefits but is better suited to players who naturally fade or slice the golf ball. While still offering considerable forgiveness and a higher launching ball flight, this model includes an anti-slice weight formation to straighten up and bring the ball back on line.

Aimed at players with a quicker swing speed, the Max LS is the high-forgiving, natural biased option that provides a flatter flight through the use of a lower spinning weight position. This plays into the hands of a golfer who requires the balance of a lower flighting club to give themselves a truer distance reading matched up with their clubhead speed.

The Rogue ST Max Triple Diamond LS Driver is best in the hands of more experienced golfers

The fourth and final setup, the Triple Diamond LS, follows on from the Max LS. The least-forgiving of the set, this model is slightly more compact and super low-spinning. The Triple Diamond LS is at its best in the hands of more seasoned golfers who are extremely consistent and searching for next-level distance.

This Rogue ST driver collection has been innovated to appeal to all golfers and impress at every level. This year, Callaway’s designers have focused heavily on increasing the MOI in the golf club. The MOI, which stands for a moment of inertia, ultimately means that the club face will have more resistance, meaning it will play with more forgiveness in the hands of a majority of golfers. All of the Rogue ST models include this as they have been constructed in a stretched shape from heel to toe, making the not-so-good hits come out better on a more consistent basis.

How does it differ from previous models?

The Rogue ST differs significantly from previous models brought to market by Callaway.

One particularly noticeable difference from prior models, including the Epic Flash, is that the Rogue ST has a longer shape profile from front to back. This has been implemented to inspire maximum confidence for the player behind the ball.

The Rogue’s club face looks flatter and is lighter in colour, making it more visible and therefore easier to align. The club is also noticeably quieter and has a more dense ‘thud’ sound at impact as opposed to the louder, and more ‘tinny’ sounding, ball striking sound generated by the Epic Flash.

The Rogue ST’s ball flight is also markedly more stable down as a result of its fundamental design principles. The ball curves offline less in comparison to the Epic Flash for the reason that its ball flight is noticeably more stable, and is done so at a more neutral trajectory.

This important difference is the result of the 11.5g tungsten weight positioned at the very rear of the club head, which also improves spin and ball speed consistency. The use of increased MOI also offers players the ability to shape certain golf shots such as playing draws and fades. This is made possible because of the Rogue ST’s increased forgiveness across the whole club face to improve off-centre strikes.

Whether you struggle with a slice, hook, low ball flight, or even an extremely high tee shot, Callaway’s latest driver release provides a premium, elegant, and highly efficient option for golfers from the tee box. As we would expect, Callaway is confident that no matter which head is chosen, the player will see an improvement in their long game.