One of the beauties of golf is that there are so many ways that we can play the game. Here at AMERICAN GOLF, we are going to endeavour to bring them all to life, so that anyone new to golf can get a grasp of what is involved. In this blog, our focus is on Greensomes golf.

Greensomes Format

Greensomes, also known as ‘Scotch Foursomes’ is a variation on the traditional foursomes game in which a team of two players combine to play alternate shots with one ball. In greensomes, both players tee off before the best, or preferred shot, is chosen. From there, alternate shots are played until the hole is completed. Given that foursomes is a very highly skilled format of golf, greensomes offers that little bit of extra forgiveness, which can make all the difference.

Tactics for Greensomes:

In foursomes, every shot carries pressure because we represent two players. That is magnified on the tee, which for an amateur is often the shot that we fear the most. In greensomes, knowing that we are each driving off the tee alleviates some of that pressure. Hopefully, it also gives us an option when we get to where our shots have finished.

The simple thing is to choose the tee shot which has gone furthest and is closest to the hole. But that does not necessarily mean that it is the best thing to do. Where possible, we must always try to accommodate what the needs of our partner.    

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About the Author

Adam Lanigan - Golf Writer

Adam is a freelance news and sports journalist who has written for the BBC, The Sunday Post, The I, The Times, The Telegraph and more. He has been writing about golf for nearly two decades and has covered 13 Open Championships and two Ryder Cups. Not only does Adam cover golf, but he has played golf for as long as he can remember. He was a member at Northenden Golf Club for around 25 years until his children arrived and his last official handicap was 11, although on any given day his form fluctuates anywhere between eight and 18.