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Being new to the game of golf is famously tough - and not to mention nerve-wracking. While it’s a feeling familiar to every beginner, the first tee can feel like a very lonely place. Your opening shot can set the tone for the rest of your round, so it’s important to do everything you can to ensure it’s a good one.

Something every beginner can do is take some time to find a driver that will help them get off the tee with confidence. Read on to learn more about which drivers are best for players who are new to the game.

We have laid out 10 drivers for beginners of varying prices from many different brands so no matter what driver you are looking for we at American Golf have something for you.

Drivers for beginner golfers

Wilson Deep Red Maxx Driver £119

Wilson Deep Red Maxx Driver

The Wilson Deep Red Maxx driver Combines maximum distance on the course, with a reinforced TIP Control technology for greater consistency. The head has been constructed with a Forged Titanium Matrix, for added durability, which has been engineered to save more weight, with aerodynamic shaping for maximum speed and distance down the fairways.

What all this means is that Wilson has designed this driver to be a great starter driver for anyone who is new to golf. If you do not want to be spending loads on your first driver and arent bothered about having the latest release then this is a great driver for any beginner golfer.

Rife RX2 Max Driver £119

Rife RX2 Max Driver

Rife created the RX2 MAX driver with an incredibly aerodynamically club head that helps to reduce energy loss during the downswing, increasing head speed to improve driving distance. Rife designed this club so that you can swing with less effort and the ball still travels a long way.

This is another club that is great value for money and if you're brand new to the game of golf then this is the kind of driver you need to get started. If you want to hit the ball far and get a bargain, this is the beginner driver for you.

TourEdge Hot Launch C522 Driver £179

TourEdge Hot Launch C522 Driver

Tour Edge is an industry leader in the golf world and they have designed this club to be extremely forgiving making it a perfect beginner driver. Packed with future technology that will appeal to golfers of all abilities. Tour Edge has designed it so that it dramatically improves launch to make it easier to achieve more distance.

Reviews show that golfers love to play with this driver as its easy to play with and sounds great when you hit the ball. For beginner golfers who are looking a driver that wont break the bank and is loved by those that use it then this is the perfect club for you.

Benross Aero X Driver £169

Benross Aero X Driver

This Benross driver has a super lightweight Titanium 6A-4V construction, lighter to make distance much easier and faster to generate. Its weight is strategically positioned toward the back of the driver to create a deep CG position. Leading to large MOI and a higher launch angle.

Using a new face design this driver boosts ball speeds across the face by utilising variable face thickness. It even has optimum-centered target markings to highlight the sweet spot.

What this means is this is a great driver for beginner golfers and at £169 is a great price if you're new to golf. If you're looking for a solid all-round driver to get into the game of golf this is a solid choice.

Wilson Staff D9 Driver £199

Wilson Staff D9 Driver

The Wilson Staff D9 driver was created using intelligent design simulations and input from Wilson advisory staff members, Wilson was able to create a new driver that provides maximum speed and distance.

With a 3-layered crown this D9 driver is constructed with a mixture of Kevlar and Carbon Fibre materials. What this does is drop the weight to lower the center of gravity improving ball flight. To improve swing speed performance off the tee, this club as been designed to be extremely lightweight. The [K]omposite Crown also neutralises vibration, for a crisp sharp sound and incredible feel at ball impact.

Wilson has thought about beginner golfers when creating this club so that it has greater forgiveness so when you don't connect with the ball very well and hit the ball off center it doesn't just fly over to a different fairway.

Cobra King LTDx Driver £299

Cobra King LTDx Driver

COBRA Golf have designed the LTDx to be their fastest and most Xtreme forgiving driver, you are able to adjust the weighting of the club so that it can be positioned to have a draw-biased ball flight (ball curves slightly left and goes further).

The engineers at COBRA like to do things differently, they developed this multi-material weighting system consisting of steel, titanium and aluminum. What all this means is the weight of the club is low and forward into the club head this then reduces spin but enhances the ball speed.

All of this is great for those looking for a beginner golf driver because you get a quality golf club that is forgiving when you hit the ball and travels a long way too.

Callaway Rogue ST Max Driver £429

Callaway Rogue ST Max Driver

Callaway’s latest Rogue ST range came out in 2022 and is still extremely popular for golfers of every skill level. After the release of the original Rogue a few years ago, Callaway designed the latest Rogue ST Driver to produce the perfect combination of distance and forgiveness to suit most golfers.

Callaway designed the club with a matte black finish on the top of the club to offer a great-looking golf club similar to one's in the past. It's hard to argue with this club's performance it has one of the best combinations of distance and forgiveness no matter what standard of golfer you are but for the price of the club that is exactly what you would expect.

You aren't disappointed when you use this club, the ball fly's down the fairway when you use it and anyone who has bought one will tell you the same. If you're a beginner golfer and the price doesn't bother you then this is one of the best clubs on the market you could get.

Cobra Aerojet Driver £429

Cobra Aerojet Driver

Brand new to 2023 the COBRA Golf Aerojet driver utilizes an advanced aerodynamic sleeker design (460cc) with rear back weight to enable maximum speed and forgiveness.

Streamline shaping adds to more speed, and the Aerojet features a highly streamlined, very symmetric, and very low-drag seamless aerodynamic design, adapted to deliver faster clubhead speed for enhanced distance performance.

If you want to have the latest and greatest clubs look no further, the Aerojet is a must-have golf club that is used by pros and amateurs alike. This is a great club to have in your bag and if you are new to golf you will look the part with this club and it will perform amazingly when you use it. Greatness comes at a cost and this club isn't cheap but if you're serious about playing golf and want a club that will last a long time this is what you need.

TaylorMade Stealth 2 Driver £499

TaylorMade Stealth 2 Driver

The TaylorMade STEALTH 2 driver range has created enormous hype since its much-anticipated release this year. This revolutionary driver follows a similar shape to its sister product, the TaylorMade STEALTH. However, TaylorMade’s has updated the STEALTH 2 with a new 60X Carbon Twist Face this new technology makes the club lighter than previous models and more forgiving.

The lighter component within the driver's face is designed to optimize energy transfer, delivering faster ball speed performances over a larger area. Put plainly, this gives you optimal distance and greater forgiveness. If you're happy with the price tag this is a great golf driver for beginner golfers.

Callaway Paradym Driver £529

Callaway Paradym Driver

Callaway's latest release is the Paradym Engineered for players of all skill levels, this club promotes high launch and low spin characteristics along with a neutral ball flight. It’s Callaway's best combination of distance, forgiveness, and adjustability.

Engineered for players of all skill levels, this club promotes high launch and low spin characteristics along with a neutral ball flight. It’s Callaway's best combination of distance, forgiveness, and adjustability.

We have given you a lot of information here and we know it's not easy for beginner golfers to find the right club for them. Here at American Golf we want you to tb the best of the beginners and improve your driving with a club built to suit your game. Come into one our many stores across the UK and take advantage of our made to measure custom-fitting process to further get the right driver for you.