From experts to beginners, perfectionists, and trick specialists. Devoted practisers to fair weather players. Obsessive swing improvers and mechanically innovators. Enthusiastic golf fanatics and charismatic fashion addicts. No matter what type of golfer you are, American Golf gets behind every golfer!


If it’s a full set for a first timer, or a matching wedge for a golfing regular. American Golf’s behind every golfer campaign delivers an extensive selection of golf clubs suitable to no matter what type of player you are. Our renowned selection of golf clubs available includes Full sets, Drivers, Fairway Woods, Hybrids, Sets of Irons, Chippers, Wedges and Putters to choose from.


Whether you’re a fair-weather golfer or an all-year rounder, we provide a full collection of golf clothing to cater for all fashionable and functional clothing requirements. We provide an established apparel section which includes all formats of golf clothing within various genders, sizes and designs across the majority of leading golf clothing brands.


From stylish summer shoes to extremely warm winter boots. American Golf gets behind every golfer with a wide range of golf shoes available to choose from. With a choice of either spiked or spikeless, waterproof, water resistant, leather, synthetic leather, and mesh pairs, we’ve got you covered by stocking a variety of different fits, sizes and styles to cater for all golfing footwear requirements.


American Golf provides players of all abilities with a large assortment of golf balls to choose from so that each and every golfer has the correctly fitted golf ball to suit their game. Whether you’re a newcomer with a soft swing or an elite player with outrageous club head speed, we provide a full mixture of distance golf balls, premium golf balls, lake/practice golf balls or even novelty golf balls, to guarantee you have all the golfing ammunition you require.


No matter which method you prefer to suss out the perfect yardage, American Golf’s behind every golfer campaign has you covered with a full variety of different yardage measurers available to choose from. Whether it’s on your wrist, in your hand or attached to your bag, we supply a selection of GPS watches, Devices and Rangefinders to ensure you receive the utmost accurate yardage measurement.


American Golf gets behind every golfer no matter which method they prefer to store and transport their clubs around the course. Whether it’s an easy sunny stroll with a pencil bag on the shoulder or remote controlling your cart bag down the fairway, we therefore supply a variety of Trolley/Cart bags, Carry/Stand bags, Pencil bags and Travel bags to cater for all golf bag requirements.


Our impressive lineup of trolleys features both a selection of push/pull and electrically powered trolleys. Whether you prefer pushing a lightweight frame or want to remotely control an electric powered trolley, we get behind every golfer by stocking a large selection of all types of trolleys available in the form of led-acid or lithium powered batteries from various models across some of the leading golf trolley brands.


American Golf gets behind every golfer by providing a range of necessary accessories to ensure each and every player is furnished with all the golfing tools they require. From high-launching granulated tees to ball retrieving guarantees, our selection of Tees, Umbrellas, Ball Retrievers, Ball Markers, Health, Score Trackers and Gifts ensure all players are stocked up with all the golf accessories they should require.