Are you a golfer in the UK? Ever wondered if you need golf insurance

You might think your household policy has you covered, or maybe you rely on your golf club membership. Some even take the risk without a second thought. But here's the deal: there are two big reasons you might want to reconsider.


Did you know that as a golfer, you're legally responsible for every swing? That's right, every ball you hit carries potential risk. Just ask Anthony Lightning, who received nearly £400,000 in damages when a stray ball caught him in the eye at Nidry Golf Course. If you're a club member, you likely have some coverage through England Golf, but watch out for that £500 excess on claims.

But what if you're not a member? Don't worry, there are specialist insurance providers out there offering public liability and property damage coverage. So, if you've got a specialist policy, chances are you're covered.


The average golfer's equipment is worth around £2,300. Sure, your household policy might cover it at home, but what about when you're out on the course? Most likely, you'll need an expensive add-on, and even then, there are limits to consider. Plus, making a claim could cost you your no-claims bonus and a hefty excess payment.

How much is golf insurance?

So, how much does proper golf insurance cost? Surprisingly, not much! For less than £30 a year, you could get worldwide coverage for up to £2,500 of equipment and £5 million of liability. And with a specialist policy, your excess is minimal.

But before you sign up, here are a few things to watch out for:

  • Check if your policy covers equipment at home. Not all do.
  • Look into car coverage. Some policies only apply if your gear is in a locked boot.
  • Be mindful of single item limits. Your £750 trolley might not be fully covered if there's a cap on individual items.

So, don't get blindsided by flashy deals or discounts. Do your homework, read reviews, and make sure you're fully protected out on the green.

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