Sometimes we don’t give our sticks the TLC they deserve but we really should to get the most out of our game...

Studies show that by regularly changing your grips and having clubs that fit you will enhance your golf and the enjoyment you get from the game no matter what your ability is. a FREE MOT Club check from us at American Golf is a great way to check if you've got the right equipment in your hands, get to know your yardages and get your clubs in top firing mode for the 2020 season. As an AG Club member you can take your equipment into store and get it checked out with one of our specialists on our launch monitor. You’ll be surprised to learn how a simple product fix could mend that wayward drive.

Club Length

It's pretty obvious but the length of a golf club refers to the distance from the heel of the club, when it rests on the ground at address, to the end of the top of the grip.

The issue with standard length club off the shelf is that not every player is the same size and not every golf swing is the same. These differences in size and swing can massively impact the efficiency of a golf club.  A clubs length can impact club head speed and if a club is too short, the player will need to swing more upright to hit the ball well. We will check the length of your clubs by doing a static wrist to floor measurement and your height.

Lie Check

Ensuring the lie of your irons is appropriate for your physique and swing; our in-store launch monitor can help you assess how your club is affecting your ball flight and impact tape and a lie board will show if the club’s lie is appropriate to your height and proportions.

Grip Check

You wouldn't drive your car with bald worn tyres would you? Same applies your golf grips. Shiny, worn grips make golfers grip their club too tightly which can cause a load of problems in the swing leading to stiff wrists, tense forearms and an erratic swing tempo.

Here at American Golf we stock a wide range of grips from mid-size to oversise grips. Check them out here.

Shaft Flex

We will also see if the flex in your shaft is suitable. With your current clubs we'll evaluate your swing, looking at your swing speed and current handicap. The higher the club head speed the stiffer the shaft needed. Selecting the right flex for your shaft is key to ball striking, so it's a pretty big deal...

How Do I Book An MOT?


1) Make sure you're a an AG Club Card member.

Become an AG Club Member HERE

2) Book your FREE MOT Check HERE. Find your nearest American Golf store and then choose 'CLUB CHECK' on the booking page to then choose your preferred date/time.

3) All you need to bring is some comfortable clothing to swing in and your current set of clubs!

For more information head into store and speak to a member of staff.

*Limited spots available - appointment booking only*