When choosing a golf bag, it is best to have a list of preferences to make the decision that much easier. For instance, you don’t want to be lugging a heavy golf bag filled with clubs around the greens, so consider picking a model which is lightweight unless it’s going on a golf cart, in which case weight should not be an issue. Next, check to see how many dividers the golf bag has. The more the better as they will accommodate more golf clubs at any one time. Other things might include the brand, whether the bag has straps or harnesses, and also if the golf bag needs to be large or small in size.

Carry/Stand Bags

Stand bags (also carry bags) are used by the majority of golfers due to their lightness of weight and ease in bringing a full set of golf clubs to the greens.

Stand bags are larger than pencil bags, having added benefits offering more to the player while on the golf course. Stand bags gain points for having a stand to hold the bag upright when left unattended, meaning it will stand safely at your side during a round. This keeps the golf bag from getting dirty, also making it easier to remove clubs from the divider.

Premium quality stand bags include the AG Exclusive TaylorMade Select Plus Stand Bag, Callaway Golf Chev Dry Stand Bag, Titleist Players 4 Stand Bag, Wilson Staff Lite II Stand Bag, among other top-quality golf bags.

Cart/Trolley Bags

Cart or trolley bags are designed specifically to be carried on a golf cart or buggy and are aimed towards older golfers or female players who aren’t looking to manually carry their golf clubs.

Cart bags are large but will fit snugly onto most electric or manual trolleys. Different brands offer various features and benefits, with some utilising the golf bags’ size with a plethora of storage options, including the Titleist StaDry 14 Cart Bag, the AG Exclusive TaylorMade Select Plus Cart Bag, Callaway Golf Chev 14+ Cart Bag and the Motocaddy Lite Series Cart Bag. View our full range of golf trolley bags.

Pencil Bags

Pencil bags are thinner and lighter than regular golf bags. However, despite their slight size, pencil bags still offer a good deal of storage options, with a 6-inch diameter top able to hold up to 14 golf clubs with ease.

A reason to buy the pencil bag is the fact it can be packed into a car boot or clubhouse locker. And, despite offering very little protection in adverse weather conditions, pencil bags are ideal for warm days when carrying a heavy load isn’t recommended.

Some of the most popular golf pencil bags available today include the AG Exclusive Fazer 1.5 Pencil Bag, Titleist Sunday Carry Bag and the Callaway Golf Carry Bag.