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The Benross X Series Range


The Benross X Series Range was created with distance and forgiveness in mind, the new range for 2021 has the latest technology you need to develop greater consistency in your game and it's now available at American Golf.

Read on to take a closer look into the technology in these fresh new clubs.


Benross Aero-X


The Aero-X range is reassuringly forgiving and lightweight. So if your swing speed isn’t fast, the high launch technology provides the ultimate, confidence-boosting range.  


Key Features:

• A super lightweight Titanium 6A-4V construction incorporates our CT-Face design that boosts ball speeds across the face by utilising variable face thickness.

• The newly designed Aero Crown improves air flow by reducing drag helping increase clubhead speed.

• Weight is strategically positioned toward the back of the driver to create a deep CG position leading to large MOI and a higher launch angle.

• The Fujikura Vista Pro 55 shaft has a low kick point which helps launch the ball higher.



Key Features:

• Made from a 431 Stainless Steel with a heat treated face, the CT-Face design promotes a fast ball speed.

• The Aero X head design gives a CG position that produces a higher launch angle.

• Forgiving face profile and offset angle helping to achieve centred strikes.

• A steel and graphite shaft option that are specifically designed with a low kick point to further increase launch angle and carry distance.


Benross Delta-X


The Delta-X range offers distance and power like never before, so if you’ve got a faster swing speed this is the progressive range for you.



Key Features:

• The Stability Bar on the sole of the club ensures maximum energy is transferred through the centre of the club.

• A newly designed Aero Crown features an air flow channel which generates a more efficient air flow which reduces drag, helping increase clubhead speed.

• A large 460cc head combined with an 8g weight positioned at the back of the sole gives an optimum CG position for distance and a high MOI for extra forgiveness.

• CT-Face design boosts ball speeds across the face by utilising variable face thickness.

• The Delta X Driver is fit with the well known Fujikura Ventus 4-T Core shaft that delivers ultimate stability through impact increasing velocity and smash factor.



Key Features:

• Satin Plated 431 Stainless Steel which adds a far superior feel at impact than ever before.

• A heat treatment process is used on the face that produces a Characteristic of Time (CT) value as close to the R&A legal limit of 239 µs (micro seconds) as possible.

• A distinctively thinner top line, coupled with a reduced offset angle gives a crisp look at address.

• New weight distribution design pushes more weight towards the toe, increasing the sweet spot.

• Also available with a graphite shaft.


Now available at American Golf