At the beginning of 2022, we saw a flurry of highly-anticipated driver releases - each showcasing cutting-edge technology. Here, we take a look at the best golf drivers on the market this year, so you can cut through the noise and find the perfect driver to improve your game, no matter your ambitions.


PING G425 Driver launched in 2022

Over the years, PING developed a formidable reputation for producing particularly forgiving golf equipment, and their clubs were widely considered to be among the 'easiest to hit' on the market. While PING still prioritises this coveted attribute, their more recent driver releases also emphasise the importance of increased distance - and the PING G425 is no different.

The G425 is undoubtedly an appealing club on the eye, featuring a smart but simplistic matte black finish for maximum effect. On the top of the driver's head, it possesses PING’s signature turbulators to help gain clubhead speed, while acting as an effective aiming tool.

The G425 followed on from the G410 by including the revolutionary forged face to yet again provide a solid, yet extremely responsive, reaction off the club face at impact. This also helps to increase the flexing of the face at impact for even more distance. The uniquely-designed forged face provides for forgiveness on those miss-hit off-centre shots, substantially improving the end result.

Available in a range of formats, including the Max, LST and SFT, the G425 range caters for every golfer. Along with an adjustable hosel and head sliding weight, no the G425 has got you covered - no matter your shot shape.

The TaylorMade STEALTH Driver

TaylorMade Stealth carbonwood driver

The TaylorMade STEALTH driver range has created enormous hype since its much-anticipated release. This revolutionary driver follows a similar shape to its sister products, the Sim and Sim 2. However, TaylorMade’s latest technology breakthrough is a twist face design made from Carbon which replaces over 20 years of development of the titanium face.

The lighter component used in the club’s face is designed to optimise energy transfer, delivering faster ball speed performances over a larger area. Put simply, this gives you optimal distance and greater forgiveness.

The STEALTH feels soft but solid at impact and therefore brings sneakily-long distances out of a greater majority of golf shots. Of course, while the face of the driver is red, the rest of the club is styled with a subtle but smart edge in carbon black. There are a wide range of head types and custom fit options to choose from to ensure you get the most out of this club. It's safe to say that this could be the longest driver on the market to date.

Titleist TSi Driver

The TSi family from Titleist aims to give golfers of all levels the ability to deliver longer, straighter, and better-looking shots. Titleist deliver four different versions of the TSi, including the TSi1, TSi2, TSi3 and the TSi4 - and each head is specially-crafted to suit a different style of golfer.

The majority of golfers would likely choose between the TSi2 and TSi3 drivers with the former being slightly more giving and higher-launching, while the latter provides lower spinning and lower-launching longer shots. This is done via a different shaped head with a slightly different weight position, ultimately achieved by sacrificing some forgiveness for further distance.

The two other models outside of this bracket are the TSi1 and TSi4 which offer a multitude of benefits, depending on your playing style. With various loft options and adjustability features, these drivers have been made for multi-dimensional use, perfect for those purist golfers.

Depending on the chosen model, Titleist has gone for its signature chrome black finish with the TSi logo used as an aiming tool for maximum effect.

Callaway Rogue ST Range

Callaway Rogue ST Driver 2022

Callaway’s latest Rogue ST range is certainly one of the standout drivers to come on the market in 2022. Following on from the original Rogue released a few years ago, the latest Rogue ST Driver delivers the perfect combination of distance and forgiveness to suit most golfers.

These are known to be Callaway’s fastest and most stable range of drivers ever produced, and they're expected to deliver a remarkable breakthrough in performance. The A.I. Jailbreak Speed frame provides a sweet but solid feel off the club face in order to provide extensive distance and accuracy.

Callaway have moved back to a matte black finish on the top of the club head to offer up a hugely appealing golf club. The Rogue ST may not be the furthest driver on the market, but it's hard to argue with its ideal combination of distance and forgiveness no matter what standard of golfer you are.

Cobra King LTDx Driver

Cobra King LTDx range of drivers

Last, but certainly not least, the Cobra King LTDx Driver is Cobra Golf’s fastest and most forgiving driver to date. The LTDx Driver is perfectly suited for golfers who struggle keeping their ball flight down, and who, as a result, miss out on distance.

Cobra’s latest release delivers the perfect balance of front and back weighting within the clubhead which makes its perfect for golfers who want the ultimate combination of low spin and stability. If you're struggling to keep your ball flight down from off the tee box, the LTDx has been designed to lower your ball flight through its lower spinning set up which reduces the shot’s trajectory, making it more penetrating. Crucially, it achieves this without sacrificing your much-needed accuracy and forgiveness by keeping the club face stable at impact.

Cobra’s subtle black Carbon crown tops off one beautifully crafted driver, priced lower than its adjacent competitors which means that this will also take some beating.

Don’t fall behind and watch your golfing buddies further down the fairway. Catch up, compete, and make your tee shots go even further by using the most advanced and latest driver technology of 2022.