The temperature has plummeted, and summer clothes have been put away for another year. As the nights draw in, it can only mean one thing – Christmas is coming!

For many, that includes Secret Santa, whether that’s at work, amongst friends or even between members of your own family.  When thinking of what to buy someone, the lightbulb goes off in your head ‘They play golf, right?’ Correct, that’s a great start. And one key thing to remember about giving a golf present at Christmas is that golfers don’t dream of golf in the winter with woolly hats and waterproofs on. It takes them to the height of summer, light nights, a golf day with work, a few holes in the evening with friends.

Here at American Golf, we’ve come up with a few suggestions for our best Secret Santa golf gifts. We want to lead you to the golf present that goes straight in the golf bag rather than straight in the back of the cupboard.

Cobra Men’s Golf Flex Cell Glove – 2 pack (£12.00)

Cobra Men’s Golf Flex Cell Glove – 2 pack - White/Black

You are on very safe ground if you opt for a golf glove as a Secret Santa present. It may not have the ‘wow’ factor, but gloves are always welcome for a player. It may take a week, a month, or a year, but a golfer will always need a new glove at some point. They will be thrilled if they can dip into their bag to get one out rather than have to nip into the pro shop to buy one just before teeing off. This glove has a sleek white design with the Cobra logo on the palm of the hand, so it has a lovely look and feel. And with this pack, getting two for the price of one represents excellent value for money.

One word of caution, two gloves does not mean one for each hand, though. Golfers only wear one glove. Also, make sure you know whether the golfer plays right-handed (most common) or left-handed (a small minority of which I am one). For a right-hander, you need a left-handed glove and a right-handed glove for a left-handed golfer. Got that?

Rife Electric Golf Putting Cup (£14.99)

Rife Electric Golf Putting Cup

Now, this brings back happy memories of when I was growing up. Winter nights with the curtains drawn, having putting contests against my dad on the lounge carpet. Except we did not have a specially made putting cup, we were trying our best not to damage one of the mugs from the kitchen! No problem on those lines with this gift then and for me, this would be a brilliant Secret Santa golf present. It would be straight out of the packet on Christmas Day with the putters out ready for a game! Plus, the keen player could be watching the golf on TV from America while imagining they are putting on the slick greens at The Masters at Augusta.

The product has a minimum kickback of ten feet for the automatic ball return so it really is hassle-free. And one of the big plus points is that it’s portable. Whether you want to take it to the office to have a bit of fun one lunchtime or even throw it in your bag if you have an overnight stay and have some time to idle away, the Electric Golf Putting Cup works a treat. To function, it requires two AA batteries, which are not included.

Stromberg Men's Brogues Golf Slippers (£12.99)

Stromberg Men's Brogues Golf Slippers Gift

Slippers? Yes, but these are slippers that are guaranteed to make the recipient smile. The soft interior lining makes them feel like classic slippers but the golf shoe inspired print makes them look like a golf shoe. This Secret Santa golf idea probably works best for the bona-fide golf nut. Someone who plays golf multiple times a week, cleans their clubs and their shoes before every round, and reads books at home on how to improve their game.

Stromberg Men's St Andrews Golf Slippers (£12.99)

Stromberg Men's St Andrews Golf Slippers Gift

You arrive home and want to relax and kick on a comfy pair of slippers. It’s dark and cold outside, but you dream of golf on a sunny day. Look at the design on these slip-on slippers and you are immediately transported to the Home of Golf. The 18th green at the Old Course in St Andrews, with the old Royal & Ancient clubhouse behind it and the Auld Grey Toon mere footsteps away. It is the most famous stage in golf and the golfer can recall the iconic moments on that very green from its most famous players – Jack Nicklaus, Seve Ballesteros, Tiger Woods. The wearer will feel a warm glow inside as well as warmth on their feet thanks to the soft interior lining.

Greg Norman Men's Microlux ML75 Fin Print Golf Polo Shirt (£14.99)

Greg Norman Men's Microlux ML75 Fin Print Golf Polo Shirt - Blue

For those willing to spend a little bit more on their Secret Santa golf gift, this Greg Norman polo shirt is a good option. This navy blue polo shirt has a smart engineered print in the style of a shark fin on the front, the logo that Greg Norman’s clothing and products have traditionally carried. Made from recycled fabric, it has 50+ sun protection and a PlayDry moisture system, which makes it ideal for wearing while out on the golf course on a very hot and sunny day. Unwrapping this Secret Santa present will immediately have the golfer thinking of exactly that.

Stromberg Men's Edge Crew Golf Socks - 3 Pack (£9.99)

Stromberg Men's Edge Crew Golf Socks - 3 Pack - Grey, Blue & Black

We could not do a Secret Santa golf guide and not include socks, could we? Let’s be honest, socks will never be the best present, but we all wear them! And this packet of three works very nicely for a golfer. Options include three pairs of black, three in white, or a mix of one black, one grey, and one dark blue. All socks have the word Stromberg written across the top of them. These 70% cotton socks are sold in two sizes, 6-8.5 and 9-11.5. These could be ideal for the person who likes to go on a golf trip for a few days with their friends as three pairs of socks would work very nicely for three rounds of golf.

Benross Men’s Multi-Stripe Knit Pom Golf hat (£9.99)

Benross Men’s Multi-Stripe Knit Pom Golf hat

For anyone wanting to play golf in the winter (or even on particularly bad spring and autumn days!), a woolly hat is essential. This Secret Santa golf gift is ideal – practical, good value for under a tenner, and guaranteed to keep your head warm! If someone bought this for me, it would be straight in the bag. The hat is predominantly black and so is the pom. The only decision to make is whether to go for Benross written in red letters with white stripes above and below it or Benross in white letters with a horizontal red stripe above. It is also one-size-fits-all, so no issues there.

Pride Professional Golf Tees Large Pack (£5.99)

Pride Professional Golf Tees Large Pack Gift

Like the golf gloves, golf tees are always a safe bet. They are not a glamorous Secret Santa present, but they come in at great value for money. These wooden tees are white but with three different colours to signify different lengths, blue for very long (75 tees), yellow for medium (100 tees), and red (120 tees) for shorter tees. As the blue tees are described as being for drivers over 360cc, it’s safer to purchase yellow or red as they can be used with other clubs in a player’s bag.

Stromberg 150th Open Coin Golf Keyring (£4.99)

Stromberg 150th Open Coin Golf Keyring Gift

This is a great Secret Santa gift for any golfer, and at a great price too. The 150th Open at St Andrews was THE big golf event of 2022. I was lucky enough to be working there and having visited the merchandise tent, I could tell you what a roaring trade it was doing. Golf fans from all over the world were desperate to pick up souvenirs of the event to take home for themselves or family and friends. Here, without needing to traipse up to Scotland, you can purchase this official R&A licenced gift. Ideal for keeping with your car keys and house keys, this shiny nickel coin keyring carries the 150 logo which every golf fan will recognise.

emoji Golf Accessory Golf Gift Set (£14.99)

emoji Golf Accessory Gift Set

Can you think of someone, in your family, a friend, a work colleague, who not only plays golf but bombards their text messages and WhatsApps with countless emojis? Well, here is the perfect Secret Santa golf present for them, with this emoji golf accessory gift set. Contained within a nicely packaged box and all featuring a different emoji from the emoji brand are two golf balls, 4x7cm wooden tees, a ball marker, a tool for repairing divots and pitch marks, and a black golf towel. This is a funny Secret Santa gift idea and suits a more casual golfer rather than someone who takes their golf ultra-seriously and wants to be the next Tiger Woods.

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